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Coding Lessons

One of our most popular classes, this is the ideal starting place for students who want to code, but don’t quite know where to start, or who have had some exposure to coding but are not yet ready to progress to more advanced languages. In this class, students will learn Scratch, a drag-and-drop coding system. Students will learn by initially building a small video game or cool animation, and then progressing to more complex projects. Along the way, they will learn universal coding concepts applicable for more advanced coding languages such as PythonJava, and C#

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Kids is an AI curriculum for schools for teaching AI to kids in an interactive and playful manner through engaging AI projects such as identifying celebrities in an image, making a face detector, recognizing handwritten and printed text, building machine learning models, etc in an engaging way.

With its clear explanations and an assortment of exciting AI projects for kids, this AI curriculum for schools is ideal for introducing kids to AI and machine learning at a young age.

Website Development

Students in Web Development  learn how to create their own websites. With the help of our experienced instructors, your child will understand how to create and manage their very own websites, so that they can boost their online presence all while learning two of the most sought after languages: HTML and CSS. There are billions of people all over the world who have access to the internet, but only a small percentage of them can make websites.

Cyber Security Lessons

Why Learn Cybersecurity?

Data is valuable. With so much sensitive information online, companies need cybersecurity pros to protect it. This course is a great starting point for anyone interested in cybersecurity, but not sure where to start. Build your foundation by learning the fundamentals of one of the fastest-growing fields today.

Take-Away Skills

Learn the basic concepts needed to identify and protect yourself against common cyber threats and attacks. You’ll also gain an understanding of principles and policies, commonly used authentication/authorization techniques, and network security fundamentals.


We assist you on your journey to the cloud. We enhance your business applications and processes through our superior cloud computing services. 

Our services include, cloud infrastructure, cloud storage and backup and cloud security.

Graphics and Video Editing

Graphics design can lead to a wide range of exciting careers and opportunities for today’s children. But without a structured approach to learning or access to the right kind of software, it won’t be something that they will be learning at many schools.

However, with the Melban Creatives course for kids, you can help your child get ahead, whilst turning their imagination into reality.

The Melban Creatives course covers advanced graphics plus industry-standard animation and website development.

Mobile App Development

Children who take an interest in app development can learn skills that will help them going forward. Not only will they gain expertise with highly employable skills for their professional futures, but they will also learn some essential life skills along the way. Read on to learn more about app development and resources you can leverage to further your child’s passion in this important field.

Why Should Children Learn App Development?

There are many career opportunities for individuals versed in app development fundamentals, and those skills have uses beyond the purview of this field. Practically every business in the modern world needs an online presence, and app and web development are required to make that happen. Learning coding opens countless doors in one’s career, and getting started at a young age can help learners become experts.

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