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Melban Info Solutions

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In the modern exploration of the world of STEAM, passion, engagement, and play drives learning.

That’s the starting point for us at Melban Info Solutions.

Our Services

Our Services

We provide the following services and more

Coding for Students

In this class, students will learn Scratch and other drag-and-drop coding systems.

One of our most popular classes, this is the ideal starting place for students who want to code, but don’t quite know where to start, or who have had some exposure to coding but are not yet ready to progress to more advanced languages.


Cloud Solutions

We assist you on your journey to the cloud. We enhance your business applications and processes through our superior cloud computing services. 

Website Development

Students in Web Development  learn how to create their own websites. With the help of our experienced instructors, your child will understand how to create and manage their very own websites.

Cyber Security Training

Data is valuable. With so much sensitive information online, companies need cybersecurity pros to protect it. This course is a great starting point for anyone interested in cybersecurity, but not sure where to start. Build your foundation by learning the fundamentals of one of the fastest-growing fields today.


Graphics and Video Editing

Graphics design can lead to a wide range of exciting careers and opportunities for today’s children.

With the Melban Creatives course for kids, you can help your child get ahead, whilst turning their imagination into a reality.

Mobile App Development

Children who take an interest in app development can learn skills that will help them going forward. Not only will they gain expertise with highly employable skills for their professional futures, but they will also learn some essential life skills along the way. Read on to learn more about app development and resources you can leverage to further your child’s passion in this important field.


“Coding has been fun. I've learnt how to create games with Scratch and also do my own designs.”


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